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Sparking Microwaves

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Do you see sparks coming from the wave guide cover inside your microwave?

Do you know what a wave guide cover is? The wave guide cover is to shield the opening through which the microwaves enter the main cavity. Microwaves are produced by the Magnetron behind the control panel and the cover prevents food particles and moisture getting into the internal workings of the microwave. This cover is made of material called mica. These covers, over time wear and you start to get sparking and they look a little burnt - usually you can't find the original and you think you need to toss the appliance. However you can buy a sheet 10" by 12" universal mica and you can cut it to

size. Some appliance shops will carry the sheets in stock and cut you a piece. Some places don't know they can get this. We can sell the sheet for 16.95 and 12.95 shipping to your door.


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