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Resistance.. what resistance?

Model: wrf540cwbm01  Whirlpool refrigerator - We were asked for the thermistor in the fresh food section. It is simply not listed.. so we thought mmmmm must be part of the harness. Which is shown as not illustrated on the fridge liner parts # W10224292 and sure enough it has the thermistor as part of this package. ( A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The word is a portmanteau of thermal and resistor - in layman's terms, this little important part sends the signal back to the electronic control board to let it know when to run or not) W10224292 or WPW10224292 will run you about $75.00 and comes with a whole mess of wiring. We pushed for an answer and got 12791416 subbing to WP12791416 thermistor only.. this came from the manufacturer..we don't make things up. SO - you may safely order just the fresh food thermistor for about $10.00 - What a savings! MODELS: WRF540CWBW01 (White) WRF540CWBB01 (Black) WRF540CWBM01 (Monochromatic Stainless Steel)


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