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Condenser Coil Maintenance

In today's refrigerators the condenser coils are usually under refrigerators and it is so important to the life of your fridge to keep them clean. Especially if you have fur babies and dust bunnies this is where they go to hide. If left too long they can shorten the life of your refrigerator by making it work overtime to cool your contents. This will lead to various symptoms from poor cool in the fresh food section to freezing food because the compressor won't turn off. Sometimes you can access them from the front and use your crevice tool from the vacuum but you should take off the back access panel to make sure that it's clean back there. A good rule of thumb is if the divider bar between the fridge and freezer is hot.. you are plugged up. If you do not clean the coils, the compressor will run hot and burn out prematurely. Call us 1-877-236-7278 to purchase a condenser brush to clean them (or add one to your next parts order) 5304429018 is only 7.99 or the whirlpool one is 4210463RW is 28.95 and can be used on both fridges and dryer vents.

If you need condenser cleaning brushes, call 1-877-236-7278 to order them.


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