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In Your Element

Why are some range elements so expensive? In your oven you have a bake (bottom) sometimes it is hidden under the bottom oven panel - but you do have one. And you have a broil on the ceiling. If one burns out you will not get even cooking or baking. On most ranges the broil will come on during the preheat to cycle the oven temperature to the right range. You can test your oven elements with a simple ohmmeter (very inexpensive one) put it on Ohm setting and test the elements end to end, if the needle moves it is usually good. Test for short with one lead on one end of your element and the other on the black part of the element and there should be no movement on the dial. But why do they want so much for some of them? 318255006 average price $70-120

but we can do aftermarket one at $40.00 318255001 retails at $209 and we can do one at $50.00

318254906 is average $160.00 and we can do for much less. Prices are subject to change, but will be much less than the original.

So before you put all your money in the original bake element or broils - check with us for alternatives. Let us save you money. Power in, power out, power (and money) back in your hands.


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