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Making it work, took a little longer!

A lovely customer with a JennAir wall oven model JJW7530DDB19 called in a panic that the broil element had burnt out in his built in wall oven. However, he had called all around ONT and his part was no longer available. 7406P384-60 was a very odd shaped broil and the universals were just not going to fit. He reached me in BC - end of the day and end of the rope! We worked together to find a replacement that would save this appliance from the landfill (and an expensive renovation as his machine is no longer produced.) The customer was willing to try my suggestion of UT315 aftermarket and slightly different, but after many

measurements I felt it would work just fine. His response by email is below. Another appliance saved!

" Hi Christina, the part arrived this morning and I installed it.

Everything is working fine, thank you so much for helping us out.

If it wasn't for you we would still be looking for a replacement part, or a new

oven lol. Pass it on to your customers that if there is a will there is a way.

I just wish the people here in Oshawa and all of Parts companies I called would

have told us that we could use a similar part to remedy our problem.

Thanks again, Albert"

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