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How many Pods to use

For those of us that bought the new high-efficiency top-load or front load washers.

For the first year, I had to experiment on how to get things clean and fresh smelling in my new expensive washer. I was disappointed, to say the least. Missing the old days of clean clothing that came out of the washer in half the time. Fast forward a year later. Realizing the machine tub is probably twice as large as my old top load 20-year-old

GE and maybe more due to no agitator - and using the same amount of soap as I used to was not cutting it. I started using 2 pods in my full washer load and things improved greatly. I also wash most of my loads on bulky, which gives more water. Now I notice on some of the newer washers there is a fast wash option. Mine seems to take a long time but it does cut the dry time in half so there is most definitely an energy savings. My last jug of HE (high-efficiency soap) came in with a label stating the soap amount to use. Finally! So I must not be the only one in Canada trying to figure out these new machines. I will say I am finally happy with the size and cleaning ability of my top load Whirlpool high-efficiency washer.


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