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Don't Burst Your Bubble

Why do hoses fail? One of the most common causes is traditional rubber hoses. Rubber hoses lose their flexibility over time, are subject to cracks, leaks, bubbling, and bursting. Most hoses will eventually fail from normal wear and tear. Water pressure runs through these hoses constantly. This is the same pressure as other faucets in your home. Eventually, the water pressure will break the hose or the connection forcing water out at full pressure. In most cases in residential homes, water will pour out from a break like this at approximately 650 gallons per hour -

appx 6 gallons per minute. Since supply lines to the washing machine are always on, water will pour from a broken hose until someone notices and turns off the tap. If you’re not home, that can be a lot of water damage. Replace your hoses with stainless braided no burst hoses. We can supply these hoses in various lengths, ask for your quote today.


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