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GE Dishwasher valve NLA

On Model GDWF760V00SS - we recently looked up the water inlet valve for a BC customer, only to find it was listed as no longer available. WG04F04689 replaces 0124000129, 0124000744, WD10M15 are all the world's parts #'s on this item and none to be found. We had the customer bring the valve to Christina at the store in West Kelowna. In comparison to all the valves we had in stock, she was able to match it to a frigidaire valve that worked. Use 154637401 and you only have to change the mounting bracket from the old one to the new one to mount it. The customer has been using the valve in his dishwasher for over a month now. I say we have success. Another appliance was saved from the landfill! (and a happy customer who spent $50.00 instead of buying a new appliance) can be purchased here.


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