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CAP for Maytag DW Dispenser

I recently had a customer call Whirlpool to buy just the rinse agent cap for his Maytag Dishwasher. The model is MDB4949SDM0. He was told, by the manufacturer agent, that that item is not available by itself and he would have to buy the whole dispenser to get the cap. The Part Number WPW10629971 replaces  W10629971 dispenser is $85.00 plus shipping CDN dollars. It seems really excessive to get a cap. So..... the customer came to the store, I recognized the part, and here is how I found the cap. Take the W10629971 dispenser - toss it into google, find the other models it fits and look them up until you find the one that shows the cap separately. MDB8969SDM0 has the same part # for the dispenser and shows the dispenser cap to be W10524919 subbing to W10524919 - which retails at $25.00 and is the cap only. The customer bought the part and went away happy.


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