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Where do I find my stove model?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Over the years different manufacturers have placed their models in mostly the same places. However, the most common one is in the drawer. Open the drawer, bend way down, and look on the frame of the stove. Sometimes it is up under the bottom of the range door on the frame of the range that the drawer slides in and out of. If it is hard to read, take a picture with your phone and blow it up. On really old ranges, look under the flip up top over the lights or behind the fuse access panel (pre 85) On some specialty items, wall ovens etc, look inside the oven door on the face of the oven. Cooktops will be under the unit, you will need to look in the cupboards below and have a flashlight handy.

Models were supposed to be put somewhere on the range in a place that is non-removable and so that the consumer does not have to move the range to get to it. The correct model in full and sometimes the serial is most important in getting the proper part for your stove/range.


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