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Ice ..Ice... Baby!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Recently had a customer with Kitchenaid Refrigerator who's brother forgot to drain the water in the inlet valve when the cottage was put into "winter" mode. Of course, the valve cracked and in the spring, they needed to replace that part in order to get ice and water running in the refrigerator. However, when you look up KSCS25FKSS02 on Kitchenaid's parts manual and find the original part # 2199838

it appears as NLA (no longer available) and no substitution. Upon discussion (and some digging back in time) - we came up with 4318046 - Part Number 4318046 replaces 1022, 2002182, 4210533, 4318046VP, 46004210533, 627403, 627431, 627580, 627859, 627890, 627937, 627963, 628164, 628184, 628185, 628238, 628275, 628295, 819493, 8216, 850733, 876070, 99989713 and is a kit. So ... why not try! The customer was nice enough to be our tester and we were nice enough to take back, at our expense, if it did not fit. We had success! The customer will enjoy some readily available ice in their drinks this summer, the brothers are friends again, and all's well that ends well. Thanks for playing let's find a part that fits! I am writing about this so the rest of Canada will know.


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