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For the person who emailed me that they were upset about not finding a button to order parts - I want to say thank you for letting me know about your frustration. I am a relatively new site, (not new to the industry by any means) and it is taking a long time to talk the the manufacturers to gain access to upload files and permissions. I decided that perhaps they aren't necessary after all since I like to talk (or online chat or email) to my customers and make sure they are getting the right part for the job. I know you do not want to wait for the wrong item and the hassle of returning parts - neither do I! So if you allow an expert to assist you in lookup, sourcing and trouble shooting, you are likely to get that appliance back up and running in record time. I am all for e-commerce and online shopping but find in my industry a little assistance can go a long way. do you order on here? Call me, online chat through the website, email me, message me on face book. We are here, ready and willing to help you with your purchases. We can do credit card, and email transfer for those who don't do credit card. You can order by phone and provide credit card information or I can send you an invoice to pay online securely with the card of your choice. I hope that answers your question. I will make another blog with some links for you to look up parts on your own once I have permissions in place. Thank You to my existing and future customers and remember your feedback is always welcome. And your Google reviews are always appreciated too!

Help us grow our Canadian only business. Cheers, eh?


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