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Don't Believe Everything You Hear

I don't know how many times I have phoned the same manufacturer and gotten different answers to the same question. I have been told parts are no longer available on two year old machines then called back and told they have them in stock. We do not have a lookup on our site and this is one of the reasons. We like to be involved. We may know things that you or the younger generation on the other parts desks don't know. Example - Dual element for a Samsung range - when you look it up online it shows as no longer available - you look up on the US site it gives a sub - come back to Canada and I gave them the sub and now the item is available - this is after the manufacturer telling me you could not get it. Example a Samsung Door for a refrigerator - told it was $325.00 and special order - called back later and told it was $250.00 and in stock. The first person did not have the sub number. We also have access to aftermarket parts if they are available. Original manufacturers will not offer that. We may know of alternates, like hard start kits for refrigerators, things you don't know exist. After 35 years, we have absorbed quite a bit of information. We are creative and hands on. Let us guide you, no need to be shy. Just phone, text, email, or try our online chat. Information is free and happily provided. If it is a weekend the phone is off but you will likely get an answer so ask us anything!


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